The game has been made during the Ludum dare 44 by NOVA31

I spent ~24h of work on this game during the jam but I did it during the 3 days

MoneyIsLife is a RPG game based on the LD jam 44's theme "Your life is currency"

This is a rpg with a little story;

You are a standard player who is living in a futur with a super realistic VR controller.

The player choose a random game and he found one, so he launch it with his "VR-Gear"

The player has a curse in the game that link his HP to his balance in-game.

The game is also linked to his bank account which will be empty if the player doesn't win the game.

You win this game by killing the dragon in the cave and if the player win, he will have the extra-money that you got in-game transferred to real-life.

So be ready to smash that action button to find gold in every single barrel/chest!

Have fun!

Money is life v0.5 built 29th april 2019 20:45 (London hour)


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Can't exit the options without getting this error

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I don't know why you got this error the others feedbackers didn't get an error like this

Uhhhhh, i guess its better than mine.